I bought my first Sacred Birman, Se Anni’s Bibi, a blue girl, in February 1998 and developed a passion for this race.

Six month later I just had to have Diego von Sivebaek. A lovely brown male, who was a perfect contrast to Se Anni’s Bibi.

Since then more inhabitants have invaded my home and the same goes, when we talk about dogs. Papillons, Lasa Aphso and Shih-tzu.

 I live out side Holbaek, one hours drive from Copenhagen. In a house with a fenced terasse, a yard for the cats and a garden for me and the dogs.

 We are one big happy family and each time, small new members have arrived, the interest is huge from everybody!

Every time it’s the same excitement, what colours? Males or females? And as I watch them grow, and each one of them gets there own unique personality, I can’t imagine I’ll ever stop.

 I have a daughter who is now living in Copenhagen, luckily she often come and visit us.

I bought my first Papillon, Emma, in 1993 and experienced it’s great personality, intelligens and huge self esteem when meeting larger breeds. The Papillon is a tiny dog in body but not in mind.

A few years later I got Anthon. Unfortunately I found out that Emma was not capable of having puppies.

During a visit to Crete in Greece, I fell in love with a golden Lasa Aphso, Scarlett! She had to come home and live with us.

Scarlett helps my female cats by washing their kittens and she’s very caring.

All my animals are one big happy family!